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    Liberty reserve has closed ...
    So long it stay closed this site is in stand-by.
    If LR a day opens again...and i get back my cash...this site will re-start too...
    I lose cash with this LR story because the winspiral's network lived in big part from LR system.
    The king is dead...let's live the king...
    It was almost the same story with egold...winspiral's network has continioused... It was the same story with ewallet...
    It will be the same story with LR...
    For more info use the contact link.

    All you read below is old story...and in stand-by.

    Over thousand people know now the Liberty Game which is working perfectly for years.(see in the right menu)
    My purpose here is to make money for you for only $0.02 investment or more only if you want it.
    The minimum $0.02 is to avoid stupid flood submitting.
    If you do not have $0.02 you can use LR cash won on the Liberty Game wich is free or click on the Short Of Cash link in the left menu.
    The principle will be passivity with minimum work.
    The main work for you will be:
    asking your payout(minimun payout $0.05 per Liberty Reserve).
    asking to be a silver member or a better one payable with earnt cash.
    paying per LR to be a gold member or a better one.
    $0.01 payout or payin fees,but fees will help me to pay you more,so in reality,you will not pay fees at all if you are not a payout or a payin flooder(lol).

    OR MORE (maximum $1.00)

    (just click and follow the Liberty Reserve instructions)(or contact winspiral for taking from LR balance of the liberty game)
    Click the link short of cash in the left menu if you are short of cash.

    1)...Simple member
    After paying at least $0.02 you will earn what all basic members can earn if you are on top of the basic list.
    2)...Silver member
    You are silver member only if you invest at least $0.01 from your earning,and you will earn what all silver members can earn if you are on top of the silver list.Your silver win power depends on the amount you have invested.
    3)...Gold member
    After paying more as $0.02 you will earn what all gold members can earn if you are on top of the gold list.Your gold win power depends on the amount you have invested.Maximun $1.00 for the moment. You can increse your gold power by using your pending cash,but you will have $0.02 fees because it is in fact one payout and one payin.
    4)...Platinum member
    The platinum membership is a gift offered to all members.The gift is worth one share.This share will produce little by little parts of share.The More shares you get,the more you will earn parts of share.You can change each share for $0.01 pending cash except the first giftshare.More information soon.

    Now follow the game and take the best decision.
    I'm wondering miself how it will progress...
    Any way,nobody can loose more than the gold invest + $0.01+fees.(fees can technicaly not be more than $1.00)
    The very fun will start when participants will invest in silver membership...because there it is unlimited...
    Game will be limited at 100 members,but then members will be able to trade their account.

    You can follow the earnings of test member.
    Honestly I do not myself know how much it will earn.
    It will remain a simple member who will invest all its earning to be a silver member.
    You can see a special page about it by clicking its link in the left menu.
    So you can estimate.But be is a cash game...I can only say:Have fun.

    I have not put simple invest in the table because it is $0.01 for all participants.
    Since 2012/09/29 to 2018/02/21 :
    The members have:
    paid in for this game an amount of: $6.23
    won with this game an amount of: $6.48
    won with simple membership an amount of: $2.41
    won with silver membership an amount of: $1.99
    won with gold membership an amount of: $2.08
    invested in this game an amount of: $6.65
    got in shares for free an amount of: 795.87113 worth: $7.9587113
    won with platinum membership an amount of: $0.00
    won with talk about participation an amount of: $0.00
    in pending cash an amount of: $4.02
    in resell price an amount of: $5.21
    been paid out for an amount of: $0.82

    Age rank
    Liberty reserve ID
    Simple won
    Silver insvest
    Silver won
    Gold insvest
    Gold won
    Platinum free shares
    Platinum won
    Talk about cash
    Total invest
    Pending cash
    Paid in
    Paid out

    area one
    togel online
    area two
    area three

    Honest votes will make game more profitable.

    This is so far only a test...but the cash you see on your account will what ever will happen be used by you.

    Enter your Liberty reserve ID and earn cash(this is your cash booster)
    You can of course boost your passive cash game with your earnings from this booster.

    You can generate unlimited cash for common jackpot:
    You 3 valid clicks per hour
    Your unlimited friends or visitors or programs clickers can valid 3 times per hour.

    But you can only win a part of jackpot once per 15 minutes by your clicks or by click of your booster link from others.
    your link:
    Soon you will seen statistics on a special page.In the meantime you will see nothing.


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    You can extremely boost your passive cash account.

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