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    yes passive cash game is a new game where strategy will have a big importance.
    The most important is to manage payin and payout fees.
    Each transaction cost $0.01 fees.
    if you invest $0.02 you have same fees as for $0.10 as for $1.00
    So you have in one case 50% fees and in the other one only 10% or only 1%
    It will be same for payout.
    It will be same for investing earning in silver invest.

    With only investing $0.02 (the minimum) you will certainly gain back more as your investment.
    With $0.03 you will be a little goldmember too so you will certainly gain back your $0.01 invested for your goldmembership with little profit.
    The full fun starts by risking more...
    You will see on the game pages all information about invest of the members and their earnings.
    You will exactly see who did well or bad...
    Myself cannot know what is the best strategy and above all...if all members do exactly the same the profit will be divide exactly among all and the fun is divided too...

    It is the same principle by investing earnings from the passivecash game.
    You have $0.01 fees for each it a good plan investing?
    Minimum payin huge fees percentage?
    Is it better let sleeping the pending cash?
    When take profit by asking a payout?
    Is it better asking a payout per LR bank or inverting it for purchasing an upgrade for the Liberty game? (you have of course a bonus 50% because it is LR cash)
    All this is the game...

    You can invest by using your LR balance of the Liberty game .Just email how much you will invest...
    You can do it many times total investment has just not to be over $1.00
    You can use the LR paying link on the main page of passive cash game.
    To invest as silver member your earnings,it is same me.

    I will publish this answer,so other peaple can read it.


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