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    ARCHIVES 2012/10/29

    You will not can say:I have not known the past situation.
    You can see part of past and the present.With this you can estimate the future.(be careful,only estimate,because the future is not a copy of the present and the past.
    You can for instance see the progress of the ROI (return of investment)
    You can also see the change of strategy of members.
    You can see that investing or reinvesting $1.00 at one moment or an other has not the same result.
    You can see that the amount of won cash is very big relating payin and re-investment.Normaly this will atract investers and the result will chage.
    This will also atract sponsors.(all will in fact depend on the sponsors).

    I have not put simple invest in the table because it is $0.01 for all participants.
    Since 2012/09/29 to 2012/10/29 :
    The members have:
    paid in for this game an amount of: $0.98
    won with this game an amount of: $0.81
    invested in this game an amount of: $0.92
    got in shares for free an amount of: 23.75166 worth: $0.2375166
    got in pending cash an amount of: $0.56
    been paid out for an amount of: $0.02

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    Liberty reserve ID
    Simple won
    Silver insvest
    Silver won
    Gold insvest
    Gold won
    Platinum free shares
    Platinum won
    Total invest
    Pending cash
    Paid in
    Paid out


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