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    ARCHIVES 2013/01/02

    As promised,I let you archives.
    If you look very conscienciously(I do not know if it is the right word)you will see that a little diference with logic can appear.
    This is the result of fees rules and payout system about re-investment of pending cash in gold.
    This changes not the cash you have in your poket.(lol)
    This changes only the statistics.The changes is more realistic.Because if a member reinvests in gold,it means he ask a fictive payout followed by a fictive payin.
    This is different if a member reinvest in silver,because in silver it is only reinvestment,what not is the case with gold.

    I have not put simple invest in the table because it is $0.01 for all participants.
    Since 2012/09/29 to 2013/01/02 :
    The members have:
    paid in for this game an amount of: $3.94
    won with this game an amount of: $2.81
    invested in this game an amount of: $4.16
    got in shares for free an amount of: 103.63410 worth: $1.036341
    got in pending cash an amount of: $1.45
    been paid out for an amount of: $0.33

    Age rank
    Liberty reserve ID
    Simple won
    Silver insvest
    Silver won
    Gold insvest
    Gold won
    Platinum free shares
    Platinum won
    Total invest
    Pending cash
    Paid in
    Paid out


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