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    This is so far only a test...but your clicks count.You should see your earnings soon.

    Enter your Liberty reserve ID and earn cash(this is your cash booster)

    You can generate unlimited cash for common jackpot:
    You 3 valid clicks per hour
    Your unlimited friends or visitors or programs clickers can valid 3 times per hour.

    But you can only win a part of jackpot once per 15 minutes by your clicks or by click of your booster link from others.
    your link:
    Soon you will seen statistics on a special page.In the meantime you will see nothing.

    You do not have enough Liberty reserve cash to invest in my program?
    Do not worry.
    Here below you can see where earn little sure cash.
    I earn there already little but sure LR cash for years.
    My philosophy is to priviledge sure cash and you can also see it in most of my own cash games.

    Make deposit $0.01 and win $0.03
    Click to button BONUS if this is the first time you play at our site.
    Make deposit $0.01 and our site will give you back $0.03
    So you have enough cash to invest in passivecash game and earn cash for life !!!

    Here you can easily reach the minimum payout clicking paid to click links and inbox links. No Minimum Payout

    Easy to reach minimum payout $0.10(same holders as donkeymails)

    Is interesting...because minimum payout payout is only $0.01 per Liberty reserve.
    I was paid already's easy but long to reach little cash if you have not referals.But it is cannot have all (lol)
    Thanks for your help...
    paid to login

    Same principle as donkey and jillsclickcorner.
    Earn cash for free doing almost nothing with winspiral's oneshare gameYou submit and wait of earnings.Once you have earnt you decide to buy shares,then to sell shares to make more profit.
    Zero risk,because you can only win for life for free.
    You are in the skin od a trader,but for absolutly free.

    Impossible not to earn liberty vash with this programs above.
    Just be patient and organized...
    Why not place this page in your favorite and comming all day to click the 4 banners...and as already said:just click the most payable few banners and so you will earn sure cash.


  • &&&&&&&&
  •  LIBERTY GAME This game is an active Liberty reserve cash game...where you can earn cash for free.
  •  VISITOR TOOL Have a look at my fun visitor tool...You came here from a link?you will certainly be in the tool...

  •  BOOSTER STORE Here you can see what you can do with won cash with cash booster box.
    You can extremely boost your passive cash account.

  •  ONE SHARE FOR $1.00 Here you can follow the price of shares.If you believe that it is interesting,you buy for $1.00 and you sell it once you have enough profit..