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    Silver re-investment will be the most important part of the game because re-investment can be unlimited.(remember simple members can only invest $0.01 and gold members maximum $1.00)
    Lets' suppose you re-invest $5.00
    You will have the potential to earn 500 times more then a silver member who has only re-invested $0.01
    This means also that,you risk that you will never profit from your re-investment.People who have ask for payout have perhaps done better.
    All the problematik is:how much and how late.
    If the system has small profit to divide per many re-investers,the profit will be so little that it will take years to return profit for big re-investers.

    The system is set to give $0.01 daily.This should not decrease a lot.I hope it will increase of course.
    If only few people re-invest few cents in silver,the ROI will be important,but without fun,because I will be the main sponsor,and I will not spend much for few participants.
    If people reinvest much,I can advertise and promote much.Same then:If I have spent much and no return in participation,then profit will decrease for investers.If many participation,then I will give more cash if I can.
    I cannot pay what I do not have.But I have forecast a minimum per year if you invest or not as already said here above.
    I take risk too...not only the members.
    It is why I say to you:take the right decision and you will certainly earn cash and I will be happy for you.You can follow the reinvests and earnings of each member so you can see if you are a better invester than the other ones.
    Some participants will be in few days already winners.They are free to ask then a payout or to re-invest.
    Remember:Paying-in and reinvesting are lost.Profit = (payout - payin)

    Do not let sleep to long the pending cash.
    If you have pending cash for days,and then you invest it in silver,you have certainly lost few cents...think about but think too at the payin fees for reinvest.
    Follow the "testmember" and try to be better than him.

    Liberty reserve ID
    $ re-invest in silver
    Won with silver investment


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