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    Here you can vote for the passivecash game.I ask you to be honest,and commentaries are apreciated.
    You can let good and bad things,but please tell the truth.
    No need to be a member of passivecash game to participe at the vote.
    If system noticed that your votes (good or bad) has good returns of traffic,it will add somme little cash is platinum membership.
    One has to undertand that passivecash game can be more profitable if it is known on the net.
    If system allocates to much cash to advertise...this cash is out of game,and it cannot give it to members.

    Please vote honestly for my game.

    Age rank
    Liberty reserve ID
    Talk about cash
    Platinum shares
    Won with platinum

    If you use this exchanger,more dividend for passivecash game.

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  •  LIBERTY GAME This game is an active Liberty reserve cash game...where you can earn cash for free.
  •  VISITOR TOOL Have a look at my fun visitor tool...You came here from a link?you will certainly be in the tool...

  •  BOOSTER STORE Here you can see what you can do with won cash with cash booster box.
    You can extremely boost your passive cash account.

  •  ONE SHARE FOR $1.00 Here you can follow the price of shares.If you believe that it is interesting,you buy for $1.00 and you sell it once you have enough profit..